Depression: A Taboo among People

” Yes, he/she will have to understand the WhatOthersThink Effect

When we search the word ‘depression‘ on google it shows more than 10 million cases per year in India and mention this as very common. Yes, this is very common in reality also. This is as much as common like other diseases but the truth is that this is not considered as the disease. That’s why I am saying this a taboo.

Taboo is an action or word that is avoided for religious or social reasons. Depression is avoided and ignored by people because of the very obvious social reasons. No one wants to talk about this, even the person who is facing the problem. The reason for not discussing this topic is WhatOthersThink Effect. Let’s see what this is !!!

This effect is not based on universal or physics laws but yes, this affects people a lot. This makes the person thinking, what other people think about him. This changes the decision making of the person.


People don’t want to enjoy life but they want just this that other people shouldn’t have any question about them. This effect is not only in the case of depression. This is everywhere. A girl/boy is not allowed to marry the person of his/her choice, thinking that what others think. A student stops talking to people, friends when he fails in an exam or doesn’t get a job, thinking about what I will answer if someone will ask or what others think. People hesitate to choose a career of their choice, thinking about what others think. People show others how other want to see them and not how they are actually, thinking about what others think.

Anyway, coming back to the topic. Yes, this WhatOthersThink Effect affects badly in the case of depression. It leads the normal anxiety to depression. I will write about all the terms associated with depressions, its type, statistics in India and world and many more things later. Right now, I will say this…

” कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगों का काम है कहना… ” | “People will say something, They will keep saying always…”

Well, when a person finds himself in depression he gets a lot of advice from people around him.

Hey !!! It’s nothing…Think positive…Watch motivational videos… Do yoga…Avoid medicines…Stop overthinking and much more advice…

But no one says,

Hey !!! Understand it and fight it.

I will write later about the biological causes of depression along with a lot of other things associated with it but right now ending here saying one thing that The moment he/she will accept that he/she is suffering from this disease and come out of this thinking what others think, that would be the start of fight against depression. Yes, he/she will have to understand the WhatOthersThink Effect. Yes, he/she will have to accept.

Thank you.

5 Replies to “Depression: A Taboo among People”

  1. Like happiness is directly proportional to the quality of your the same way depression is inversely proportional to the strength of your thoughts…you explained it very well..😁😁


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